Ayurvedic Medicine For Beard Growth

ayurvedic medicine for beard growth

An ayurvedic approach for beard growth: How to grow beard naturally?

Ayurvedic Medicine For Beard Growth – Beards, evers since they became a trend, haven’t gone out of fashion! The obsession is such that almost 6 men out of 10 are bearded! Hard to deny – beards do look great! This new friend of all the beard lovers, however, does need some extra care.

While the options for growing and maintaining the perfect beard are good in number, finding the best among them is a little tricky. Although, one thing that everybody does realize is the importance of keeping things natural. 

This brings us to our topic of discussion for today – How to grow a beard naturally?

Well, we have the best answer to your question. This article is an insight into the importance of growing a beard naturally and the products that can help you to do so!

Buckle up, we are about to dive in deep!

Why growing a beard can be beneficial? Tips for beard growth.

For all those unknown to the advantages of having a beard, here are some things you need to know. For those who are not a fan of beards, beware, you would wanna grow one after reading this!

  1. Protection of UV rays: Beard is believed to trap 95% of the ultra violet rays.
  2. Boots confidence: Good looks make you feel more confident. This natural filter is a great way to boost your self esteem and be the better version of yourself.
  3. Protection from allergens and bacterias: Your beard is the perfect shield to all foreign organisms. Yes, no bacterial infection. Isn’t it great?
  4. Protecting your youth: Beard is the perfect way to prevent your skin from the cancerous blemishes and acne that one may experience from shaving.
  5. Moisture locking agent: Beard helps in locking in the moisture the skin needs from time to time. 

Fascinated? We are too. 

For something so useful, you may now want to realize how important it becomes to take care of it. Remember, it is only a good friend that can avail you of all these advantages. A beard uncared for, is not a boon, just a bane.

By this point, we believe you already are wondering about the tips that can help you in growing the perfect beard. Well, wonder no more. Answers lie here.

How to grow a beard naturally?

Let’s start with focusing on the need to prioritize natural ways of growing a beard over everything else. While the modern world offers various options like microneedling and beard transplant and so much more, it is important for us to understand that nature offers the best solutions to almost all our concerns. Thus, we bring to you the most natural means to grow the perfect beard that you all desire. 

  1. Ayurvedic medicine for beard growth: The age old ayurveda has proven to look after mankind and resolve all the issues using the elements of earth itself. Naturally, one can never deny the superiority of it over any other treatments. Oral ayurvedic medications are rich in nutrients that promote the production of testosterone for the perfect growth of your beard. 
  2. Exercise: Wondering how exercise can be helpful? Exercise helps in blood flow which in turn stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Workouts can boost testosterone – hormones that promote manly features. Yoga is one of the best options for you as suggested by ayurveda.
  3. Diet: Good nutrition is the most natural way to boost beard growth. A diet full of proteins, zinc, iron, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins A, C, D and E can give you desirable results.
  4. Sleep: Sleep time is the time when production of testosterone is at its best. How will one ever have a good beard growth if one cannot get the proper sleep.
  5. Maintaining hygiene: This is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of bacterias. A regular cleaning can help with exfoliation of the pores. Using beard cleansers can help with it. 

The next step is moisturizing for nourishment.The best way to do that is to use beard oils. Trusted by many, Vedas Cure Beard Oil works nothing less than an ayurvedic medicine for beard growth


  1. Avoid smoking at all costs: The side-effects of smoking can’t be more obvious. For a good beard, adopt good habits.
  2. Massage your face for better blood circulation.
  3. Say no to stress: Trust us when we say stress is a major hindrance on your way to having a perfect beard.

The most important tip for you is to not indulge in myths. What myths do you ask? Here are some for you.


  1. Shaving your beard causes faster hair growth the next time.
  2. Beard grooming products are all you need to grow the perfect beard.

Given that hair growth is dependent on your hormones and genes, these tips may or maynot help you in growing the perfect beard. It is essential to be realistic and not have high expectations. 

Seems like our reference to ayurvedic medicine for beard growth has made you a little curious. Let’s give you a little more to learn then.

Addressing the most important thing you should know - Ayurvedic tips for beard growth.

Ayurveda is a reference to mother nature’s way of helping us out. Indian Vedic texts encompass almost every human concern and its solution in ayurveda. 

Growing the perfect beard has the perfect solution in ayurveda. While it offers various nutritious supplements , one other thing that has proven useful is beard growth oil.

Keeping it simple, a beard oil is an oil specifically designed in the best interest of the facial hair. Beard oil provides your beard with just the right ingredients and nourishes it from within to ensure good growth and qualtiy.


The best natural beard oil can be found at Vedas Cure. Formed with the most natural ingredients, Vedas Cure beard growth oil is the best solution for those not willing to deal with the side-effects of it. Enriched with the goodness of 12 oils, this product is the best solution to all your beard related problems. 

With over 20 years of experience, more than 90 thousand trusted customers, this beard oil has really surpassed all the odds and emerges as customer’s number one choice. Young or old, it’s the best friend to every man’s beard.

The oil besides being is definitely a reasonable choice too. 

A little trust, a little patience and the perfect application can give you promising results.

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