Beard Growth Foods

beard growth foods

A complete guide to beard growth diet: Yes' and No’s for a healthy beard

Beard Growth Foods – Facial Hairs are a defining section of a male’s body. With trends changing, facial hairs are one constant trend that has been rocking the style industry. Gone were the times when people wanted to get a clean-shaven look. Facial hairs or hairs, in general, have different growth rates and types for every individual. While it can grow with no effort for some, others may have to put extra effort. Males who aren’t born with the power of growing facial hairs without any efforts up to any extent they want may have to follow some tips and need to avoid a few common routine things to get that bread. Males often get confused with what to do and what not to do with their diet when it comes to beard growth. While diet plays a crucial role in any kind of body change, having beard growth foods stimulates facial hair growth like nothing else.

Beard growth foods to say yes to:

 As discussed, food plays an important role in body functions. It has a direct impact on beard hair growth as well. It is mandatory to follow a good diet for beard hair growth to get faster and better results. Here are some food that can be included in the beard growth diet-


  1.  Eggs They are an excellent source of protein. Hairs are made up of tight protein, and hence if a good protein source is included in the diet, Hair growth will be much faster.
  2.  PotatoesSome studies claim that including a carbohydrate-loaded diet can give you stronger results. Carbohydrates make your hair stronger, preventing fall and breakage of hair strands.
  3. RaisinsRaisins are rich in boron which is a mineral that helps in synthesizing testosterone and DHT.
  4. GelatinGelatin provides amino acids required to produce building blocks for a healthy beard. Amino acids (glycine and proline) are highly important as they are collagen proteins that are required to build hair strands.
  5. Citrus fruits– Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and give you antioxidants that boost the synthesis of collagen and neutralizes the effect of free radicals.
  6. Beef Rich in saturated fat, an important fatty acid for the growth of testosterone, beef helps you to stimulate beard health. Including red meat in your beard growth food items can promote healthy hair growth.
  7. KaleKale is another food item that helps to grow a beard. Kale contains Vitamin A that helps you repair damaged tissues, making your facial skin healthy for healthy growth.
  8. FishFish is another protein supplement that also offers Vitamin B for healthier hair growth. Fish also contains many micronutrients that are a crucial component of a healthy diet as well.
  9. Olive oil Olive oil is a great substitute for cooking oil. It is a healthier option giving you vitamin E and many other nutrients that help stimulate growth.
  10. White Button MushroomsWhite button mushrooms decrease the level of aromatase in your body. These aromatases are known to convert testosterone into estrogen, which is a female hormone. A large amount of aromatase reduces the production of testosterone and can affect those manly locks.
  11. Coffee Coffee is rich in antioxidants and magnesium which are helpful components in beard growth. Along with that, it also supports the production of testosterone which is effective for beard growth.

Food Items to say not to:

With including these important food items, it is equally important to know what food items to exclude from your diet for healthy beard growth-

  1. SaltThough avoiding salt is next to impossible, one needs to limit the consumption of salt as salt can pass through pores, which builds crystalline structures around follicles damaging beard growth.
  2. SugarWhite sugar or any type of sugar needs to be cut down for healthy beard growth. Any type of sugar decreases the growth of testosterone moreover reducing the growth of the beard.
  3. Smoking Nicotine causes capillaries to shrink down which causes a reduction in the blood flow needed for good hair growth. Smoking is not a good habit and it should be avoided completely for good hair growth.
  4.  Chicken and vegetable oils Chicken and vegetable oils are abundant in omega 6 fatty acids which increase the creation of estrogen and decrease testosterone production. So, try to avoid them as much as possible.


Making some changes in diet and lifestyle can help in a great way to grow a healthy and strong beard. Along with that, some extra care for your beard can add to the benefits. Remember to use the right products for faster and healthier growth. Do check Vedas Cure, their beard growth oil works wonders for men.  It is a product made with the techniques of Ayurveda and has no side effects.

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