Beard Growth Stages

beard growth stages

Stages of beard growth: Puberty to declining years

Beard Growth Stages – Growing a beard is a journey altogether. The beard goes through different phases in this journey. On average a man has 30,000 beard hair strands on his face growing differently in all 5 directions. Beard hairs differ for different males and different parts of their faces. The beard patterns depend on the genetics and age of a male. The beard growth entirely depends on testosterone, so men who have a high level of testosterone naturally have a thick and dense beard, on the other hand, if the testosterone level is low, the beard growth is less. Other than testosterone level, lifestyle and diet also play a major role in beard growth. Following a good diet and leading a healthy lifestyle will promote healthy growth without any extra efforts. Stick till last to know some expert tips for healthy beard growth.

Beard goes through 3 different stages, knowing about these stages can help you take care of it in a better way. Talking about beard growth stages, puberty is the time when the first cycle starts. Teenage beard growth stages are not a lot different from beard growth stages in other age groups. So, dig in a little deeper into the beard science and learn about the stages of beard growth here-

Beard Growth Stages

The bread is grown in 3 stages, these stages are the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase. The beard hairs go through these stages when puberty causes the anagen phase to start, and the telogen phase is the final and declining phase of beard hairs.


  1. The Anagen PeriodThis period starts as puberty kicks in. The anagen period lasts for anywhere between 2 to 6 years. The cycle of the anagen period completely depends on genetics and this is the reason why some men grow beards longer than others. If the anagen period is longer, the beard will grow for a longer period of time and will become denser. In this period, the cells available at the roots of hairs divide themselves promoting the growth of new hairs. During this stage, hairs can grow about 1 cm each month till it achieves the next stage. The length of the hair also depends on the DNA structure.


  2. The Catagen PeriodCatagen period is also called the transitional period of beard growth. In this period, the hairs stop increasing. They do not grow further and remain at constant length at this stage. This stage lasts for around 3 weeks making it the shortest stage of beard growth. During this period,  the blood supply is cut down giving them no further nutrition. It is important to cut down the blood supply to prepare it for the next stage. To cut down the supply of blood, they are disconnected from the follicles of blood and are only attached to the skin.


  3. The Telogen PeriodWhen hairs achieve the catagen stage, they are easier to pull out without any external force making it easier for new hair to grow out. When hairs reach the catagen stage, the new coming hairs push the older hairs out, eventually, they fall out of the skin and as the follicle achieves the anagen phase again, new hair strands grow in that place. This period lasts for two to three months that differs from person to person. Around 6% to 8% of beard hairs are in the telogen period and this is the reason for fall out through regular combing or any little external force.


These are the three stages that are cycled through the beard hair journey. To get a full-grown and heavy beard, it is important to take care of the beard when hairs are at an agen stage. The longer it lasts the denser the beard will be. Giving proper nutrients and care can increase the period of the anagen stage.

Taking a healthy diet for beard growth

The experts say a lot about the relation between diet and beard growth. While the most responsible factor of beard growth and pattern is DNA structure, a proper diet can enhance the chances of a good beard. Here are the dietary changes to follow for good beard growth-


  • ProteinHair is made up of dead protein, so a protein-rich diet will ensure healthier hairs having longer life(anagen phase).
  • Carbohydrates Carbohydrates strengthen the hair strands making them less likely to breakage before the telogen period.
  • Nuts and seeds Rich in biotin, consuming seeds and nuts support hairs at the cellular level making them stronger.
  • Quit SmokingSmoking chokes the capillaries preventing blood circulation for proper hair growth.
  • Additional Care An oil specially made for beard growth can help the anagen stage to last longer.



Apart from all the helpful tips mentioned above, Vedas Cure Beard Growth Oil can be a helpful solution for a healthy beard growth. It is packed with natural components and essential oils like Jojoba oil and argan oil. It is worth giving a try as it has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types. It can help you with better beard growth in all the stages of beard growth.

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