Beard Growth Tips

The beard growth tips that have been proven actually effective. Know them all here.

Beard Growth Tips – Seems like it isn’t just animals and books that can be a man’s best friend. The obsession for beard is such that man seems to have found another one in his beard. Yes, you guessed it right. This best friend does ask for a little bit of care.

The obsession for beards is such that almost 60% of the entire population of men in the world have beards. 

This points out the gist of this article – What could make a whole lot of difference to your beard growth? What are the most trustworthy and effective beard growth tips?

Well, the answer lies in this very article. From the experts themselves, trusted by thousands of individuals, these tips promise to change your world. 

Excited? Let’s dive in deep!

What are the benefits of having a beard?

Beard Growth Tips

While a lot condemn the idea of beard and would rather see them go away, beard lovers and those who love beard lovers have the perfectly valid reasons to grow beards. For all those unknown to the advantages of having a beard, here are some things you need to know!

  1. Protection of UV rays: Can you believe 95% of the ultra violet rays can be blocked by a good beard?
  2. Gives you the confidence you need: This natural filter is a great way to boost your self esteem and be the better version of yourself.
  3. Safety from allergens are bacteria: Your beard is the perfect shield to all foreign organisms. Yes, no bacterial infection. Isn’t it great?
  4. Protecting the youth: Beard is the perfect way to prevent your skin from the cancerous blemishes and acne that one may experience from shaving.
  5. Beard for healthy skin: Beard helps in locking in the moisture the skin needs from time to time. 

Isn’t it amazing how just it does so much more than one can imagine. This brings us to our very next question – How to grow one and that too a healthy one?

Here is a blend of both natural and artificial beard growth tips:

  1. Exercise: Wondering how exercise can be helpful? Exercise helps in blood flow which in turn stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Workouts can boost testosterone – hormones that promote manly features.
  2. Diet: Good nutrition is the most natural way to boost beard growth. A diet full of proteins, zinc, iron, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins A, C, D and E can give you desirable results.
  3. Sleep: For the proper functioning of the body, even for the growth of facial hairs. Sleep time is testosterone production time. Get yourself a good amount of sleep for good results.
  4. Washing and moisturizing: Keeping things clean is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of bacterias. A regular cleaning can help with exfoliation of the pores. Using beard cleansers can help with it. The next step is moisturizing. Nourishing your facial hair and keeping them moist is a must. The best way to do that is to use beard oils. Trusted by many, Vedas Cure Beard Oil can be your helping hand in this journey.
  5. Avoid smoking at all costs: The side-effects of smoking can’t be more obvious. For a good beard, adopt good habits.
  6. Use of beard growth vitamins and supply: For extra nutrition, include the consumption of supplements rich with iron and zinc in your diet.
  7. Increase blood circulation: A daily face massage is the best way to increase blood circulation in your face.
  8. Mental wellness: It is equally important for the growth of a perfect beard. Trust us when we say stress is a major hindrance on your way to having a perfect beard. 
  9. Never neglect a proper beard hair routine: Just like skin, facial hair requires a daily regime that ensures perfection. Cleaning, moisturizing, trimming, grooming, are the daily steps for a perfect beard.

One important tip is to keep things real and avoid all myths. You wonder what myths we are referring to? Here are a few:

  1. Shaving your beard causes faster hair growth the next time.
  2. Beard grooming products are all you need to grow the perfect beard.

It’s essential to keep your expectations low. While these tips may help many in growing the perfect beard, they do not promise the same results in everyone. You see, genes and hormones are the game changer.

What to choose and why to choose!

When you think about the ‘best’, you need to think about effective, reasonable and reliable ways to get your beard the best. 

Adopt the most natural beard growth tips to get yourself the best results. A little trust, perfect diet and the perfect regime can give you promising results. A professional advice from a stylist may as well come in handy if you take your beard very seriously.

Last but not the least, patience is the ultimate key to success. Give it some time, good things don’t come your way so easily.

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