How To Grow Beard

how to grow beard

A complete guide for beard growth: Know where to start here!

How To Grow Beard – Beards have become a fashion statement in today’s time. Nowadays, we see so many celebrities switching to beard and moustaches from a clean-shaven look and it suits them so well.

For boys, a beard is more than a patch of hair on their face. Beard is an attitude, an edge that gives them style and makes others take them seriously. Some may find this point hilarious and untrue. But is it so? Just think about it.

When a clean-shaven boy comes in front of us, he looks cute and child-like to us. Whereas, when a boy of the same age, having a beard comes in front of us, he looks older than the other boy. Also, we tend to believe more in what he says than the former boy. Just observe it next time, and you’ll know!

But is it easy to grow a beard? Honestly, it does look like a no-effort job, but it isn’t true. Let us guide you on how to grow a beard. And then we’ll know whether it’s easy or not. And maybe, after reading this, we may start respecting men for the effort they put in.

How to grow a beard ?

  • Know what you want. Set a goal for your beard length. It is important to have a goal before starting on with it to have a clear view while working on it.
  • The hair strands are thick in the initial stage. It is prickly and the skin gets itchy as well. Make sure to use good beard oil or a utility balm to get rid of the itchiness.
  • Don’t leave the goal in between. Though it may not be a cakewalk, it will be worth it in the end.
  • It takes 30 days to grow a full-grown beard. So, have patience and let it grow.
  • This may be weird, but did you know that proper sleeping, exercising and eating routine helps in enhancing our beard growth.
  • After 30 days, when you have a full-grown beard, it is time to make some changes. Trim your trim above Adam’s apple. This will give it an edged and neat look.
  • Make sure to trim the longer hairs using a pair of scissors, giving them all equal lengths.
  • Use a boar-bristle hairbrush for exfoliation. The bristles are soft and glide through the hair easily, helping in massaging, hair growth and exfoliation of the skin.
  • Do not forget to shampoo your beard whenever it’s dirty.
  • If you see fewer results than you expected, have patience. We should avoid taking any impulsive step regarding our beard and give it time. All good things demand some sacrifices, here your sacrifice will be your time and patience while the reward is a good-looking beard.

Talk it out. Communication always helps in getting to know and solving problems. Clear your doubts like how to grow a beard faster or naturally with someone who has the experience and get to know some advice from them as well.

Myths about growing a beard

We learnt about how to grow a beard. But let us know some myths about it as well. It will help in accurate selection for the guidance regarding how to grow a beard. 


Myth 1. The growth oils for beard works

Fact 1 – It is not true. There is no such oil that can beat our genetics. The growth of a beard without the oil will be the same as it would be after applying it. Our genetics play a huge role in determining the thickness, volume and type of beard hair we would have. 


Myth 2. People who have beards are dirty.

Fact 2 – We often wonder about how bearded men eat or drink properly. Though our concerns are valid, it is not true. If at all, something falls by mistake, using a beard wash solves the problem in a jiffy. There is nothing so big about a few crumbs of food or drops of water.


Myth 3. Beards are very itchy.

Fact 3 – Beards are itchy during the initial stages but it stops after a short time. As soon as the hard strands lose their hair, the itch goes away. Rather an itchy beard is indicative of a grooming problem.


Myth 4. A bigger beard is the best option

Fact 4 – The size of the beard depends upon your face cut. We often believe that what’s bigger is best. For example – The bigger the biceps, the better. But this notion does not go along with our beard. Rather they are handled and groomed personally, depending on the face cuts and choice of the individual.


Myth 5. It is difficult to grow and maintain a beard during summers

Fact 5 – Technically beards help in blocking the UV – rays, preventing tanning. It also wicks away the sweat, thus creating a cooling airflow. However, having a beard in summers or not is rather subjective.



Growing a beard is not a very tedious task, as perceived by many. Here, we learnt how to grow a beard naturally at home and give yourself a new look. The irritation lasts for the first 30 days of the journey and goes away permanently in most cases. 


Take it as a challenge, this journey might give you more than a beard. It might teach you values like tolerance and patience which help you a lot in your life. It will teach you to persevere, to continue the action in times of adversities and come out successful. Just imagine your dashing look post the beard. We are sure that would be enough to get you going!


We would like to recommend a personal opinion here. Always go for a natural approach when trying to grow a beard. It is not very difficult to try. This will help in keeping chemicals away from the beard, securing the face from exposure as well.


We hope to see many men growing their beards after reading this and getting their desired look. All the best!

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