There are lots of myths regarding the beard oil. Since beard oil is not widely used by the people, there are several misbelief. Let’s read the myths and bust all the myths associated with it: Myth 1# beard oil impairs the growth of the beard. This is not at all true. To be fair enough, if the skin surface have hair follicles beard hair will spurt out from it sooner or later. It is not true. Myth2# continuously shaving your beard helps to grow faster. When you shave your beard you clear off the surface. The hair grows from the hair follicle. The new hair seen is coarse and hard. Thus, beard hair growth has nothing to do with shaving. Myth3# itching beard is a normal phenomena. Excess sebum, sweat, dirt, pollution gets accumulated in the beard. Itching is caused by any of these factors. It is not normal for the beard to be itchy or irritative just like the hair on the scalp. Itching is caused only if there is any underlying reason. Proper washing your beard reduces itching. Myth4# using beard oil may cause skin irritation and pimple. When you use something on your skin, you should be extra careful. If the products are adulterated or filthy it contains oil that clogs the pores (comedogenic oils). Use high quality products that contain non- comedogenic oils. It helps to maintain the beard in a good condition and also free form any acne or pimples. Myth5# beard oil has side effects. Beard oil contains essential oils that do not cause any irritation or side effects. Use high quality of beard oil like Vedas cure beard oil that is prepared from incorporating all the natural ingredients. Thus it do not cause nay side effects.

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