No Beard Growth

no beard growth

No beard growth? Here's the ultimate guide to get a flawless beard.

No Beard Growth – The glory of a beard is boundless and unexplainable. Men flaunt their bearded look as much as women flaunt their long locks. But the truth is, having and maintaining a beard is not child’s play, one needs to be extra careful to show off the actual charm of the beard. While many men are blessed with a natural dense beard and can get a sharp and edgy look without any effort, others need to follow a few extra steps to make their beard look sharp and crisp. Men often complain about patchy and irregular beards. Frizz and tight hairs are also common problems with a beard. No beard growth can be daunting if a man who wants that glamourous look and trendy style and men who are genetically not blessed with a well-groomed beard can understand that pain. While one can not do much about genetics, by following some tips and routines, beard growth can be stimulated. Here are some most useful tips to follow to get an edgy and dense beard naturally-


  1. Beard OilInvesting in good beard oil is a smart way to start the beard growth journey. Invest in a good oil containing organic products for a more natural effect. There are many brands available with natural contents to enhance beard growth making it dense and manageable. They also tame down the hairs of the beard and add extra shine and strength to them. Men complaining about no proper beard growth especially get benefits from these oils. Vedas Cure is one such brand that provides Beard Growth Oil at an affordable price, their product is based on Ayurveda, making it completely safe to use for all skin types and ages. Their products are worth giving a try, as they never show any side effects.


  2. Follow DietBeard is made up of tough protein. Its growth also depends upon collagen and many other compounds. Following a diet that provides well-balanced nutrients will surely help to grow a thick and uniform beard. Some food items that can be included in the diet are grapes, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, seeds, nuts, fish, cauliflower, eggs, oyster, soy, and banana. These food items will give you protein and collagen along with many other nutrients to support beard growth.


  3. WorkoutTestosterone is the hormone that promotes beard growth. More testosterone means more beard hair. No beard growth under the chin and no beard growth on cheeks are usually due to improper testosterone production. Workout activates the production of testosterone and stimulates a uniform beard growth on the face. Working out does not necessarily mean going to the gym and doing those bulky exercises. Some home workouts, climbing stairs, running, or brisk walking are also a great way to activate testosterone production.


  1. SleepGetting proper sleep also improves beard growth. Not getting sufficient sleep can result in no beard growth, as testosterone production increases during REM sleep. The more you sleep, the more testosterone will be produced. It is also advised to decide on bedtime and stick to that. Sleeping and waking up at the same time gives a sense of routine to the body, and it functions better and repairs better while asleep. Sleeping also helps to repair tissues maintaining healthy facial skin which can be beneficial for proper hair growth.


  1. Skin CareMen are often irresponsible towards their skincare and ignore it. While it doesn’t give visible results in a few days or weeks, skincare surely helps to improve the quality of the skin. The dirt from the surrounding sits on the face congesting facial pores blocking hair follicles to grow out. Including CTM routine and exfoliating face skin improves the blood flow of skin as well as giving extra benefits to skin and beard health.


  1. Quit SmokingThe nicotine that is inhaled during smoking shrinks down the capillaries. The shrunk capillaries reduce the blood flow that is essential for beard growth. Studies have proved that nicotine also significantly reduces the level of testosterone that results in no beard growth.


  1. Avoid these food itemsWhile some food items are responsible for good beard growth, some items should be avoided in the process. These food items are-
  • Sugar- Reduces the growth of testosterone.
  • Table salt- Builds crystalline structure around hair follicles blocking hair growth.
  • Food rich in omega 6 fatty acids- Omega 6 increases estrogen (a female hormone) and decreases testosterone.


Beard growth is a long journey and the one thing it demands is patience. Also being consistent with the routine is important to see visible results. Check out Vedas Cure Beard Growth Oil for an organic and natural product for your beard.

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