Patchy Beard

patchy beard

Want to fix a patchy beard? Here are 5 secrets that dermatologists recommend.

Patchy Beard – Irrespective of being a girl or a boy, do you like beards? Is there anything not to like about beards?

We mean girls like guys with beards while boys show off their beards to woo girls. The most complimentary though, boys and girls can ever have.

However, do you think it is easy to grow a beard? 

Well, it is not. It demands a lot of patience and tolerance to be able to reach the destination. To have the perfect-looking beards. But just like girls have bad hair days, boys have bad- beard hair days. They undergo patchy beard days which are very normal.

Let us know more about patchy beards!

What are patchy beards?

As the name suggests, patchy beards refer to the patches occurring in the beard during beard growth. The growth of a beard depends upon the genetics of the person. We may see some gaps or patches all along the beard giving us a not-so-healthy look. But what can be the patchy beard causes? Don’t worry, we will let you know all about it. Reasons behind the patchy skin are

  • Your genetics
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • A neglected diet
  • Stress
  • And even be a fungal infection

These are a few points upon which you may have heard earlier.

How to fix patchy beards? : Recommendations from experts

Now, we will get to know the solutions to the problem addressed here. We have with us the 5 secrets that dermatologists recommend to fix patchy beards.

  1. Focus on maintaining a healthy routine. We must get eight hours of sleep and consume a healthy diet with lots of proteins and vitamins to give our body all the nutrients and rest it requires to function properly.


  2. We might also take supplements like biotin to ensure good hair growth and speed up the process. Biotin is one of the most important nutrients for hairs to grow. It is a part of the vitamin B family and leads to an increase in nail growth as well as strengthens the keratins in the skin. However, proper hydration is mandatory when consuming biotin or else it might lead to breakouts.
  3. Let the beard grow. Give the beard some time and allow it to go naturally without any intervention. It is only then that we’ll be able to understand the natural beard hair growth for ourselves. Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 months to be fully grown. We must trim it only after 30 days to understand the hair direction and patches.
  4. Dermatologists recommend hair filling when we suffer from patchy beards as the best option to get rid of it. It safeguards us from all the stress and hassles, giving us a nice, full beard.
  5. Live with it. We must learn to accept ourselves. If we are genetically made to have lesser beard hair or some other defect, we can hardly do anything about it. Embracing the fact and thinking of finding our best look with regular hair growth is the best option.

Other DIY’s to keep our beards healthy and growing

  • We must use a good brush to exfoliate and smoothly comb the hair out without any breakage or friction. One such brush can be a boar-bristle hairbrush.
  • We must not forget to give our beard regular trims to maintain the sharp edges, thus affecting its shape.

Making natural changes

Apart from taking supplements or undertaking any kind of treatments, we can try to solve the problems as naturally as the problem. It may be possible that we find our patchy beard solution in our home only. So, let’s get through it.


We must change our sleeping patterns. This is not the place where a doctor can help us. It is our responsibility to give our body abundant rest, especially at night for it to flourish.


Eating a good diet will also help in the long run. Not only will it help us in increasing hair growth, but will also benefit our body.


Exercise is a must. Associating exercises with beard growth might seem to be weird but it is not so. Regular exercising, especially weight-lifting uses multiple muscle groups resulting in movement of every muscle in our body resulting in the secretion of good hormones.


Physical appearances play a huge role in how we carry ourselves. When we are satisfied with our look, we become proud of it and walk off confidently. We do not shy away from meeting people we own the place as if it’s our own. 


Whereas, when we carry even a little amount of dissatisfaction regarding our appearances, it shows. We are constantly staring at other people, considering them to be better-dressed or superior to us. We even try to avoid talking, reducing the chances of being asked about our appearance. Especially the part we dislike ourselves. It just shatters the tad-bit of confidence left.


But is it worth it? To think of ourselves as unworthy just because of some patchy beard or pale face or fragile body. Either there are some problems related to the issues, or we like them ourselves. So why can’t we simply own it and walk away confidently? Learn to love your shortcomings and you will be the best

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